Market Traders in Tango Poses at the Market at Abasto, Buenos Aires, 1910


Ray Batchelor writes:
“I took this as a screen shot from the website:
Text on that page reads:
Estamos en 1930, el tango está fuera del arrabal, ya era parte de la vida cotidiana de los porteños, los hombres igualmente seguían  entrenando entre ellos, pasándose unos a otros sus conocimientos sobre los pasos del gotan. La foto está tomada en un mercado de la ciudad de Buenos Aires. Foto Archivo General de la Nación.
Which according to Google translate means:
We are in 1930, the tango is out of the suburb , and was part of the daily life of the locals , men also followed training including passing each other their knowledge gotan steps . The photo is taken at a market in the city of Buenos Aires. Photo General Archive of the Nation .

I have not found the original from Archivo General de la Nación.

I find this image interesting as a further example of men posing in tango hold for the camera in early 20th century Buenos Aires.
Despite the text cited above, I am quite sure – but cannot now find the source(!) – the market is El Abasto, the market just round the corner from Carlos Gardel’s home and that the date is not 1930 (the photo does not ‘look’ 1930), but 1910. I – or someone – needs to track this down at the Archivo General de la Nación.”

What do you belive the copyright status of this image to be?
Ray Batchelor believes: “The image is out of copyright.”

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